Mar 202020
  • Each day, do some Maths, English and Topic work that your teachers have set you.  See the school website for links.
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Apr 022020
  • Ope this LOGO file: Vase of flowers
  • I have already set up procedures for:
    • Flower – change the number and colours – 1=large, 2=medium, 3=small
    • Stalk – change the number for different sized stalks
    • Vase – change the number to change the size
  • Put in pu setxy 100 100 pd  to place objects.
  • Tinker with the code at the bottom (leave the procedures alone) to make a pretty vase of flowers.

Mar 272020

Use j2e5 to create a THANK YOU message for the NHS.  A bit like the front of a thank you card.


  • Pictures of doctors and nurses spelling out the words “Thank you!” or a big heart
  • Animated letters – type one letter at a time, select then click “animate”
  • Big, bold, colourful design
  • A short simple message
  • Be creative

Well done Sophie, Caitlin, Finni, Katie and Michael for these.

Click each one to see full-size animated versions.