Mar 152023
  1. Start a new project (or save a copy of your test project)
  2. Come up with an idea for a game called “Blackout” about a city in the Blitz – think of:
    • The aim – work through levels, get to as many houses and black them out,
    • what characters and backgrounds you will need – main character, enemies – ARP, spies, dogs,
    • controls – keyboard, mouse, 1 player/2 player
    • lives, coins, points, timed
    • levels
  3. Use blocks from Scratch Games Toolkit

Week 1:

  • Make spirtes – characters, doors, coins, movin objects….,
  • Make backgrounds – intro screen, game over, levels
  • Add variables for points, lives
  • Add messages for game states
  • Code ontrols and movement – ketboard controls, gravity, jumping….


  • Code interaction between sprites
  • Losing lives, gaining points, changing levels
Mar 092023

Task 1 – Sign in to class account

  1. Go to Scratch
  2. Sign in: SM-Pine23 SM-Spruce23 SM-Willow23 (listen for the password)
  3. Then “Create”. “File – Load from your computer”
  4. Load your file from ast time, saved in Google Drive
  5. Rename your project with just your name

Task 2 – Games toolkit project

  • Finish working through Scratch Games Toolkit so your project includes everything on it
  • You will need different sprites and some different keyboard controls

Task 3 – Customise

  • We are going to create a game called “Blackout” about WW2 in the Blitz. Make sprites and backgrounds in your Gaems toolkit project suitable for this theme
  • You could:
    • edit existing sprite costumes
    • draw your own
    • search for images to use, save then upload into sprite costumes
  • WARNING – if you get rid of a sprite, it gets rid of all the code too. So just add and remove costumes, not whole sprites.
  • Some ideas: ARP warden, boy/girl character (could be same sprite and player decides who to play as), doors, ration book, houses, cars, street lights, …
Feb 232023

1 Walking animation

2 Follow mouse

3 Keyboard controls (up down left right arrow keys)

4 Keyboard controls (left-right)

5 Keyboard controls (forward and steer)

6 Jump

7 Gravity and platforms

8 Follow a set path

Drag the sprite to each point before you choose each block

9 Sprite reacts to another sprite

I’ve made mine hide, but you could go bck to start, lose a life, score a point…

10 Door to next level


11 Game over

12 Collect coins

13 Random falling ovjects


14 Randomly timed objects

15 Timer 


  1. Theme your project for a game called “Blackout” bu changing costumes and backgrounds.
  2. Come up with an idea for a game about the blackout – think of the sim, what characters and backgrounds you will need, controls, 1 player/2 player, lives, coins, levels, points, whether it is timed,
Feb 132023

These puzzles come from the Centre for Innovtion in Maths Teaching (CIMT) Sliding Block Puzzles pages.